My name is Skippy the Airboat

I am a miniature air-boat. Come skip around Stanley Pond with me and remember to “Enjoy the Ride!”  When you finish, I invite you to read my book about my adventure and see what I learned!!

My name is Sparky

I am a 1932 fire truck who came to Stanley Pond Farm after retiring from Cypress Gardens. Come ring my bell and hear my horn as I drive families around Stanley Pond. “Hang on to your fire hats!!”

My name is Kirby the cannon

I am named after a beloved family dog who was rescued and given to the farm to be loved. Ready! Aim! Fire! See how well you can aim to hit my target with tennis balls!

My name is Stanley the Catfish

Look for me at Catfish Junction where families can come to fish. Remember to “Catch me if you can,” but please release me back into my pond. There I will be the delight of many fishermen! Challenge yourself to come look for me year after year as I continue to be the biggest fish of my pond! Oh the stories you will tell!!

My name is Lyla the Ladybug

I am featured in the Valentine Story reading as the Lovesick Ladybug. But out on my tricycle track I happily invite you to ride as fast as the wind. “Catch me if you can” as you race after your friends and family.

My name is Sami the Bee

I was named after Sami Merrill ‘cuz we are both as “cute as a bug!” Come on in and learn all about my life as a bee! Play my trivia game with your friends and family to remember lots of important bee facts!!

 My name is Bob’s Barn Yard Ball

Named after our owner and high school Hall of Famer Bob Denis. We have made shooting basketballs possible for all ages.
Swish! Nothing but Net!!

My name is Daisy’s Duck Dash

I was named in honor of Mrs. Daisy Jones a loyal friend of the farm family. Ready! Set! Go! Race your duck as fast as you can! Pump the water hard  and dash to be the first to finish!

My name is Jack’s Jumping Pillow

I was named in honor of Jack Denis who without his hard work, the Farm Adventure could not have happened. Come jump, hop and wiggle on me for as long as you like!!

Suzi’s Super Slide

Suzi’s Super Slide was named after the Ma’am (mom and grandma) of the Farm. I am a 60 foot slide! Come slip and slide, swoosh and woosh down my slippery slope.

Little John is my name

I was designed by Parker Merrill. I love to take families on the Blue Cow Cattle Drive through Farmer Bob’s Cow Wash. I must keep the cows squeaky clean!!

 My name is Ellie Mae

I am a John Deer tractor who was named in remembrance of Ellen Mae Denis the mother of the two Denis brothers. I retired from the Blue Cow Cattle Drive to be the Wagon leader for the Field Trips.

Old Man Dan

My name is Old Man Dan and was created by Parker Merrill. Come Ride ‘Em Cowgirls and Cowboys as I lead the Bucking Bulls on a rollicking, “Goodness Sakes Alive”, Cattle Drive!!

The Farm is only open for special events and reservations so be sure to contact us prior to planning an outing! 

No pets, outside food, drinks, tobacco, or alcohol permitted on the property. 

In Florida we are at the mercy of mother nature and to ensure everyone’s safety we reserve the right to cancel or close due to inclement weather.

15426 County Rd 48,
 Astatula, FL 34705

(352) 742-8180

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